Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sandy's Stupa

Sandy's Stupa.
My Peace Pagoda -inspired memorial, 
surrounded by standing rocks
Dedicated to Our Friend, Sandy (1996-2010)
and to the Message of Peace for All.


Christopher Robin said...

I wondered how I would live without you; there are still days I don't want to: you surround me still; everyday I live here with everything yours. Ten Thousand Hairs are buddhas, and they sing, they dance, they remind of the gift you gave me with your death. No wonder why you are the golden glow within my dreams; no doubt you linger, howling into the void. May every cave provide protection; may every crystal shine!

Christopher Robin said...

Civilization is not to kill human beings, not to destroy things, not to make war; civilization is to hold mutual affection and to respect one another. -Most Ven. Fujii