Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Snowflake Serenade

I am a comet set adrift upon this sea of darkness
Lonely harbinger of life, bearing aromatic gifts
It is my path to find a quiet dissolution, a love through peace
No moth-like supernova, but age on age of silent passion

I am a twirling snowflake dancing on a moonlit field
A shooting star over platinum trees, necklace to the moon

It is my chance to scintillate, to love through awe

No time to waste: I must dance until I love, and love until I fall

I am a diamond-clad hoar riming through the window in the dawn

A polished shell on sand, reminder of your earlier beauty

It is my destiny to be near you, and love throughout my life

No fear of death, for our passions and our love are all we need