Sunday, March 29, 1992

Your darkness tells me
What my eyes would never see
(Though some pale light
still shows you, gaunt)
The night air hangs on you
Intoxicating, wild and lean

Saturday, March 28, 1992

These are hollow moments-
When the clock is slow,
And I watch away my life...

These are hollow dreams,
Knife-sharp jabs at reality:
Create or be created...

These are hollow lives
I live with much conviction;
The weight of sleep is maddening
and heavy on my brow...

Wednesday, March 25, 1992

I am held inside your darkness
Suspended by a streetlight
Listening for your labored step
upon the stair

You are warm beneath me
I am asleep, content
Listening to your labored breath
upon the air

Tuesday, March 24, 1992

There is an emptiness
without you;
There is a presence missing
when you're gone.
The car is cold
and lonely
But the radio is my friend;
music fills the emptiness
When I am held in silence
without you.

Thursday, March 5, 1992

The sun lies bleeding;
The sky a pool of blood-
I long for perfect darkness.

The night is wild,
And the trees are alive
Dancing with the wind and rain.

The sun is dead;
The sky is cold, and dark
Forever, and I am still alive.

I scream to the wind:
This life - how simple
an answer for so much pain.

My knees find earth
Beneath them: to end this
Endless life, I pray for Death.

Not death
Which is a doorway into life,
But nothing, eternal and cold.

What thief is
This? Death, why
Send your son? I sleep.

A dawn is rising
I prayed to never see,
But find I have not died.