Friday, December 4, 1992


Love is grey, my dear,
when time is slow.
Black and white are
lovers, and where
their bodies touch-
Love is grey, my dear.

Wednesday, November 25, 1992


A touch, and you send me spinning
Faster - gravity draws your hands
Onto my form. I am molded by your
Love, and by your fire - raise me
to the next level: I am a vessel,
fill me full, and I am fulfilled.

Sunday, November 22, 1992


time, like a river, flows
between us - leaving one,
where two lay dormant, by
emptiness, and ´destiny±. a

danger lies - you changed
and so did i to something
different, something more
´permanent± than any brutal

force. once long ago, you
said ´i love you± now those
words are etched inside a
fragile fossil - my heart

Wednesday, November 18, 1992


there is something primal
something native some raw
power left misunderstood

sparks flash beneath your
nails your teeth set fire
to dry wood to bone to me

the chanting of my heart
surrounds induces visions
of warriors bloodbrothers


morning light shines dimly
through the blackened room
awareness creeps slowly to
my head -
insurance claims
you are an act of God, but
I will cover you- a stoked
furnace beneath my blanket

Tuesday, November 17, 1992


You promise Me the Future:
borne of Silk, a Chrysalis
a Fragment of the Darkness
caught by the Web of Night

find Me when the Butterfly
of Steel and Stone emerges
come back when I may touch
and You would know who saw
Promise of the Son in You.

You promise Me the Future;
with Time, and Effort, You
would be a Thing of Beauty


How could I touch you I asked
the sky- your eyes -were grey
and held no answer. You stare
through me, unmoved by beauty

Wait for rain that falls like
tears, you seem to say. There
is an ending to the world and
I will feel my body, rough on

yours and heavy though breath
comes easily. Lead me to your
beauty and to your bed I tell
your frozen form. With eyes I

see you silent, upon a silken
throne within my mind. Broken
thoughts are simple. I find a
quiet piety within your eyes.

Wednesday, November 11, 1992

A Golden man sits,
cloaked in black,
upon the Throne of Darkness --
A God to some, but
the Ruler of Hell to one
of the worlds he created...

Lore laughs in the face
of Time, knowing a
form of Immortality.
Nothing for nothing --
To save a world,
another must fall...

Monday, September 28, 1992

Stripping down,
Like quiet storms,
Of passion-
We kiss,
And pray for rain.

Monday, September 14, 1992

Dancing, kissing
Moving as one as
Sweat and rain
Collect in pools
Beneath our feet

Wednesday, August 26, 1992

With power, his muscles move
like ocean currents beneath
the tide; I watch him sleep,
wishing I could ease the
pain troubling his sober,
sleeping brow; I question
love; What man lies pale
and sick before my eyes?
Crouching beast
Facing stone, and
Eyes staring straight
At me

A low-hung growl
And it moves -
Graceless, efficient

The silent world
Of well-lit night
His eyes glow in
The dark
Here, again, we meet at
points of
Turning - a coming of age

Two thousand years (twenty-
times) spent in childhood

This older man we seek
with a
And a span of years to breathe

I cannot live your life
Living no longer fills the void

The cycle is to continue, as I
move to
Age. Children grasp for power

Saturday, August 8, 1992

You told me once to wait
On golden shores
And in the frozen north

You told me soon
The lovestruck days
Would rouse me from
My tired bed

Seashells twine
Upon the shore
The sun has lied

The restless moon
Will love me
While I wait.

Tuesday, August 4, 1992

We are bound
By space and years.
Miles have bridged the distance;
And coincidence?

A pretty coat of karma.
Lost conqueror
You have invaded
the last territory
Virgin to the world
You have plundered
Through and now you

Monday, July 27, 1992

I have lost the way to sleep, my love
That I was tired is a memory
You are gone, without me
And I am left with
Only vague descriptions of nothing
And a wounded heart

Thursday, June 4, 1992


no chance of snow
Jerusalem, though,
is quiet -- I want
to buy a share of
Quiet sleep

the deserts and beaches
are covered in Blood-
cherry ice-cream; my
body aches for your
Cold hands

Wrap carefully around
you say
what Treasure does your
tongue belie -- would
you Sell me yours;
summer comes

in heat there is no light
in heat there is no life
Cool off, take a break
rings the Bell
buy a stick of quiet
cold; in peace,
take me

Tuesday, June 2, 1992


cavernous descent of man
We fall like only gods

As if the sky and sun were dead
and Only corrupt
forever sterile light
sprays shadows towards Heavens
never seen

The belly of the snake is full
What eternal sleep do closed eyes find

I try but cannot rest
to See the cloud-choked sky
and Feel the gentle train-born wind
slip back among the baffled ruins
and Place the quiet Earth beneath my feet

Monday, June 1, 1992


to Anna

pieces of my heart lie
crystal in the morning light
I am clinging to the wind,
and rain; clinging,
hanging in the air for you
Time is slow and
sunlight dusty
curtains close the day
children play when
you are gone
Sleep, my love
sleep, and I will
find my heart

Monday, May 18, 1992


And I must leave, with you
For day is closing fast
A waterfall, and tear
Suspended on the skies
Lightening strikes, another time
We live; storm wind blows
Follow me, the raindrop cries


The world is calling, quietly
Come home, my child, come home
Ignoring her is folly
For she alone is real; all this
With you and me, a passing thought
Think not, you say, but
Kiss me now, before I wake

Saturday, May 16, 1992


And I am left alone
A zephyr on still water
You are a looking glass
But I am wind, you see
Beyond, and through me
The stars are calling quietly
To those that cannot reach


A tear sings
Above the thunder in my heart
The waterfall is close
My face is stained with it
Night closes in
With orange and black and you
Are here, alone, with me


Falling from the storm
I am painted on the skies
I am free of you, and follow
I fall with you, and fly
Lightening strikes
Too soon our storm is over
A tear, the raindrop sings


Remember me, the raindrop cries
And strikes the rising land
The river-god is drunken
The water falls too deep
Rest now, my shallow love, with me
Away, away, and sleep
Too soon a storm is near
A moment suspended in the air
Remember me, the raindrop cries
Falling from the storm
A tear sings
And I am left alone
The world is calling, quietly
And I must leave, with you

Monday, April 20, 1992

Take this heart; it has been broken.
Take this dream I've been living without you.
I thought I'd never give my heart away
Until you came into my life,
And I gave my heart to you.

And as long as you love me,
So will I love you.
For I love you without limits:
This is what I want from you.

Take this dream; it has been broken.
Take this life I've been living without you.
I thought I'd never give my love away
Until you came into my life,
And I gave my heart to you.

Friday, April 17, 1992

Life garbs me in her yellow way,
Wrapping me in saffron cloth
And topaz set in palest gold.
Your eyes are the sky
Reflected in the sea,
And I am the dancing sun.
You rise in the cresting wave for me;
I fall to you in the sunset:
Our kiss is the end of day.

Thursday, April 9, 1992

two eternal gods

Morning grows full,
Pregnant with the sun
Until the day breaks
And shadows free the dawn.

The light is early;
The angel's face smiles,
And we have loved
In the night, long ago,
And lost awhile in sleep.

You are my god
And my refuge
And I find rest
In your eternal arms.

Saturday, April 4, 1992



but this is not for me
not yet, at least, not yet
after this, will i move on?


i am old. the weight of
age is heavy, but i must
bear the burden to be free.

but i must bear this burden to be free

Sunday, March 29, 1992

Your darkness tells me
What my eyes would never see
(Though some pale light
still shows you, gaunt)
The night air hangs on you
Intoxicating, wild and lean

Saturday, March 28, 1992

These are hollow moments-
When the clock is slow,
And I watch away my life...

These are hollow dreams,
Knife-sharp jabs at reality:
Create or be created...

These are hollow lives
I live with much conviction;
The weight of sleep is maddening
and heavy on my brow...

Wednesday, March 25, 1992

I am held inside your darkness
Suspended by a streetlight
Listening for your labored step
upon the stair

You are warm beneath me
I am asleep, content
Listening to your labored breath
upon the air

Tuesday, March 24, 1992

There is an emptiness
without you;
There is a presence missing
when you're gone.
The car is cold
and lonely
But the radio is my friend;
music fills the emptiness
When I am held in silence
without you.

Thursday, March 5, 1992

The sun lies bleeding;
The sky a pool of blood-
I long for perfect darkness.

The night is wild,
And the trees are alive
Dancing with the wind and rain.

The sun is dead;
The sky is cold, and dark
Forever, and I am still alive.

I scream to the wind:
This life - how simple
an answer for so much pain.

My knees find earth
Beneath them: to end this
Endless life, I pray for Death.

Not death
Which is a doorway into life,
But nothing, eternal and cold.

What thief is
This? Death, why
Send your son? I sleep.

A dawn is rising
I prayed to never see,
But find I have not died.

Wednesday, February 26, 1992

Engraved in stone,
Four letters:

I am standing on the
precipice again,
not daring quite so much,
this time.
Your cigarette is burning,
filling the room with
your presence, and forcing
tears from eyes
that promised not to
I am standing on the
precipice again,
and will I fall, again?
You ask me not to cry.

Friday, February 14, 1992


You promise me the future;
A chrysalis of silk-
Your cheek is smooth-
I long for your potential.

Tell me when the butterfly
Of steel and stone emerges;
Come back, that I may touch,
And you would know me as man,
Son of man, who saw the Son in

You promise me the future;
A chrysalis of coal-
I ache to see the end of night,
Of blackness, and see in you
The fire of a diamond.

Thursday, February 13, 1992


-Are the seagulls home?
I ask with ancient eyes. The
wind is chill, and I am old.

-Hush. They're home. The
horizon rises with his hand.
Quietly, I sigh. We kiss.

-My love, what tears are these?
Why salt upon your lips?
He holds me close.

-'Tis the wind, my love. He
whispers. I hear his heartbeat,
faintly through my failing ears.

-You love me still, though I
slip slowly from this world?
He sobs, and sunset falls like tears.

-My love, no dream or spell or
death will stop my love. The
beast is beautiful, and I am old.

Sunday, February 9, 1992

It's strange-

Sometimes we get what we need,
Never knowing that we lacked.

I visited with my grandmother.
She reminded of how simple
Life should be:

Even when life seems its most
Be happy.
What else can you do?

Wednesday, January 29, 1992


I capture you;
we are driving
and you sing to me.

Clouds rule the sky,
and the night is black;
we are walking and
I hear you humming,
singing in the language
of the stars.

And in my house,
when we lie in bed
tonight, you sing,
wrapped in my arms;
a lullabye for me,
my warmth and
strength for you.

Laser light's in failing
twilight. The world stops
spinning. Alone, I sleep,
and dream of you...

Monday, January 27, 1992


or Night's Reply

No night is eternal
And soon must come the dawn

There is a time
When light and dark converge

And I become your night eternal
And you become my dawn

Saturday, January 25, 1992

The amnic ocean calls, with
cresting waves, and the stain
of salt in my beard.
I am your
, she says, Survive, my
son, and I will save your soul.

Her promises are vanity, and I
am pulled into the gentle womb
of Night.
Mother, I shout above
her crashing on the shore, Lover.

The sun is dead, and the unseen
moon is tugging.
I am free, and
pound and beat the surf, and give
my sins to the Earth and Sea, and
claim new life from the rip tide.

The man is wild, reborn, covered
with salt, and dripping water.
am the Son reborn, and healed of
sin, forgiven by the flooding Sea.

Wednesday, January 15, 1992

The colors of sunset melt and
bleed together. The child is
sick, and must be healed. With
wise and loving eyes. What can
I do, I cry. What life has
changed. The laughing god is
sober, and he smiles: What
loves are these that cry?
What pale and slender flower
weeps before my eyes? What
reed, oh life, sheds tears as these?

This flower is as sunset, and as
fair, with tears of dew trapped
by the fisher's net, diamonds.

What frail and single power
holds thee here, oh reed?
Why tears on sunset's stain?

The wind shall carry my tears
away; the wind and nightfall
come, and I shall sleep, shall sleep.

What pale and single flower
sleeps before my eyes? What
reed, oh life, sheds tear as these?

Thursday, January 9, 1992

A streak of dawn
Across the sky
In the cold and dark forever
I face alone
My mind
The light that blinds
Divides me from my night
I am lost within your light
And somewhere
Beyond the flame of the candle
There is a room
Where light and dark converge
And I become your night
And you become my dawn
I face my night alone
Waiting for the dawn
Where are you? I scream.

The weight of solitude
maddens me
And being blind of darkness
I still can't see

Where are you? I scream.

The weight above
destroys me
And being blind of you
I see too clearly

Breaking down, I sob,
and yes, I care too much
The man is wild, and cries,
and those before must pity
him, and despise him, for
Worlds and gods lie locked
within his eyes Hush child
thy modesty fits thee well
Be content with salvation -
the gods must question man
unseen, and ask for faith.
I had hoped to find in you
A safety, and a truth
But holding you,
I found you were no different:

You failed me
Like the other gods
With promises of daylight
Failing through my dusky eyes