Sunday, December 17, 2006


... I see a different value to conversation, since you are not here -- I gain enlightenment about why some people visit the grave markers of their dead. I don't want to lose this habit of talking to you, of keeping your mind close to mine. By continuing my side of our discussions, I can still hear your reply, in my mind, and I can see how your lips form the words and how you cock your eyebrow for emphasis and let it drop -- all the things that make conversation with you interesting. And by doing this, talking to you, even though you aren't here, creating your replies in my mind, you still have the power to change me, to affect my decisions and my attitudes, to guide and love and laugh with me ...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Goodnight Kiss"

I could not go to sleep tonight
Without telling you goodnight
Without that kiss upon your wolfily lips
Without your warmth beside me
So I do not sleep, but meditate
That distance holds no meter
That every thought has heart-shaped wings
That there is no warmth but yours
no perception of You and Me


I would bring together ten-thousand women
And men
To stillness
Approaching the Nothing Divine
To think not ofthe differences between us
But Oneness
No think-tank
But a thoughtless void
Of Creation