Thursday, October 28, 1999

Semper Virons

My gentle touch upon you
Leaves me breathless
Leaves your scent upon my skin
And intoxicates my dreams

I lay upon your limbs these
Nights of revelry and laughter
of quiet contemplation
Nights more precious than the ornaments
of gold and bejeweled decoration
These eves of myrrh and days of cinnamon

You hold my angel here
A crown of light like haloes
on the moon
Where every star is set
to twinkle in your eyes
And I am lost Orion
set upon this sea of night with you

And while I know our days are numbered
For even love must pass its flame eternal
Every night is cause to celebrate and
Every dawn I wake to revel and to wonder
to gaze with awe
At the magnificence that is you