Wednesday, January 29, 1992


I capture you;
we are driving
and you sing to me.

Clouds rule the sky,
and the night is black;
we are walking and
I hear you humming,
singing in the language
of the stars.

And in my house,
when we lie in bed
tonight, you sing,
wrapped in my arms;
a lullabye for me,
my warmth and
strength for you.

Laser light's in failing
twilight. The world stops
spinning. Alone, I sleep,
and dream of you...

Monday, January 27, 1992


or Night's Reply

No night is eternal
And soon must come the dawn

There is a time
When light and dark converge

And I become your night eternal
And you become my dawn

Saturday, January 25, 1992

The amnic ocean calls, with
cresting waves, and the stain
of salt in my beard.
I am your
, she says, Survive, my
son, and I will save your soul.

Her promises are vanity, and I
am pulled into the gentle womb
of Night.
Mother, I shout above
her crashing on the shore, Lover.

The sun is dead, and the unseen
moon is tugging.
I am free, and
pound and beat the surf, and give
my sins to the Earth and Sea, and
claim new life from the rip tide.

The man is wild, reborn, covered
with salt, and dripping water.
am the Son reborn, and healed of
sin, forgiven by the flooding Sea.

Wednesday, January 15, 1992

The colors of sunset melt and
bleed together. The child is
sick, and must be healed. With
wise and loving eyes. What can
I do, I cry. What life has
changed. The laughing god is
sober, and he smiles: What
loves are these that cry?
What pale and slender flower
weeps before my eyes? What
reed, oh life, sheds tears as these?

This flower is as sunset, and as
fair, with tears of dew trapped
by the fisher's net, diamonds.

What frail and single power
holds thee here, oh reed?
Why tears on sunset's stain?

The wind shall carry my tears
away; the wind and nightfall
come, and I shall sleep, shall sleep.

What pale and single flower
sleeps before my eyes? What
reed, oh life, sheds tear as these?

Thursday, January 9, 1992

A streak of dawn
Across the sky
In the cold and dark forever
I face alone
My mind
The light that blinds
Divides me from my night
I am lost within your light
And somewhere
Beyond the flame of the candle
There is a room
Where light and dark converge
And I become your night
And you become my dawn
I face my night alone
Waiting for the dawn
Where are you? I scream.

The weight of solitude
maddens me
And being blind of darkness
I still can't see

Where are you? I scream.

The weight above
destroys me
And being blind of you
I see too clearly

Breaking down, I sob,
and yes, I care too much
The man is wild, and cries,
and those before must pity
him, and despise him, for
Worlds and gods lie locked
within his eyes Hush child
thy modesty fits thee well
Be content with salvation -
the gods must question man
unseen, and ask for faith.
I had hoped to find in you
A safety, and a truth
But holding you,
I found you were no different:

You failed me
Like the other gods
With promises of daylight
Failing through my dusky eyes