Monday, January 11, 1999


There is a movement through this world
That is akin to tides, like sunset through the clouds

Two objects drawn into a spiral dance of

Heat and light, of mystery and enchantment

And in this circling destiny of seasons I find you

And we kiss with the passion of the moon in orbit

And time stretches to the space between heartbeats

When I think of you and breathe you in as you exhale

Four Verses

Enchantment lies beneath your roaming fingers
and Inspiration's in your eyes
I look to you to find Delight
with Luminence in your smiles

You are the Wonder of a tailored fit for me
a Mergence of form and function
woven Vines of morning glory and moon flower
night-blue Satin on goose-down pillows

I glance up from thoughtful reading to find
You staring at my (soul) reclined, and I am
Yearning for your touch to soothe through
Gentle heat ... I smile my love into your gaze

If every day I grow a little older and
Learn that life is love and must be lived
Then I would choose to love with you
And grow in ways that happiness can bring