Tuesday, December 29, 1998

The Tin Soldier’s Lament

In the thousand dreams I have aged away the years
My dreams of colored lights and joyous song
The memories of snow-lit diamond forests
Beneath a cold December moon
Have been my warmth too many nights alone

You sparkle in my sight, suspended from the Sun

And are you longing as I do

To share the stars and icy prisms, the heat of Love

Beneath a well-worn quilt

And never waking to a cold sunrise, alone

Do I see the same desire in your eyes

When you stare corundum fire

And hang, like an angel from the skies

To say my name is beauty

And give meaning to all the years alone

You are a Tantalus kiss, not quite within my reach

And soon the snowy New Year comes

When all the gifts, and holidays are through

When I am left to quiet slumber

Will I sleep alone, with you?

Monday, December 28, 1998

No Bitter Wind

And if not you, then who?
I will tread my weary path alone,
With new purpose, new means
And still I will not settle nor
Compromise, nor strive for love
But let Blind Cupid seek me
In his own time
And if I live my life long and
Still alone, I will only freeze a
Portion of my heart for you, a
Fragment left to die, so I will
Not grow cold, and have no bitter wind