Wednesday, November 25, 1992


A touch, and you send me spinning
Faster - gravity draws your hands
Onto my form. I am molded by your
Love, and by your fire - raise me
to the next level: I am a vessel,
fill me full, and I am fulfilled.

Sunday, November 22, 1992


time, like a river, flows
between us - leaving one,
where two lay dormant, by
emptiness, and ´destiny±. a

danger lies - you changed
and so did i to something
different, something more
´permanent± than any brutal

force. once long ago, you
said ´i love you± now those
words are etched inside a
fragile fossil - my heart

Wednesday, November 18, 1992


there is something primal
something native some raw
power left misunderstood

sparks flash beneath your
nails your teeth set fire
to dry wood to bone to me

the chanting of my heart
surrounds induces visions
of warriors bloodbrothers


morning light shines dimly
through the blackened room
awareness creeps slowly to
my head -
insurance claims
you are an act of God, but
I will cover you- a stoked
furnace beneath my blanket

Tuesday, November 17, 1992


You promise Me the Future:
borne of Silk, a Chrysalis
a Fragment of the Darkness
caught by the Web of Night

find Me when the Butterfly
of Steel and Stone emerges
come back when I may touch
and You would know who saw
Promise of the Son in You.

You promise Me the Future;
with Time, and Effort, You
would be a Thing of Beauty


How could I touch you I asked
the sky- your eyes -were grey
and held no answer. You stare
through me, unmoved by beauty

Wait for rain that falls like
tears, you seem to say. There
is an ending to the world and
I will feel my body, rough on

yours and heavy though breath
comes easily. Lead me to your
beauty and to your bed I tell
your frozen form. With eyes I

see you silent, upon a silken
throne within my mind. Broken
thoughts are simple. I find a
quiet piety within your eyes.

Wednesday, November 11, 1992

A Golden man sits,
cloaked in black,
upon the Throne of Darkness --
A God to some, but
the Ruler of Hell to one
of the worlds he created...

Lore laughs in the face
of Time, knowing a
form of Immortality.
Nothing for nothing --
To save a world,
another must fall...