Thursday, June 4, 1992


no chance of snow
Jerusalem, though,
is quiet -- I want
to buy a share of
Quiet sleep

the deserts and beaches
are covered in Blood-
cherry ice-cream; my
body aches for your
Cold hands

Wrap carefully around
you say
what Treasure does your
tongue belie -- would
you Sell me yours;
summer comes

in heat there is no light
in heat there is no life
Cool off, take a break
rings the Bell
buy a stick of quiet
cold; in peace,
take me

Tuesday, June 2, 1992


cavernous descent of man
We fall like only gods

As if the sky and sun were dead
and Only corrupt
forever sterile light
sprays shadows towards Heavens
never seen

The belly of the snake is full
What eternal sleep do closed eyes find

I try but cannot rest
to See the cloud-choked sky
and Feel the gentle train-born wind
slip back among the baffled ruins
and Place the quiet Earth beneath my feet

Monday, June 1, 1992


to Anna

pieces of my heart lie
crystal in the morning light
I am clinging to the wind,
and rain; clinging,
hanging in the air for you
Time is slow and
sunlight dusty
curtains close the day
children play when
you are gone
Sleep, my love
sleep, and I will
find my heart